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In a Family with traditional shoe values,  Hans van der Elzen grew up surrounding with shoes. 

After school time he helps his Father making shoes and in the weekends when he was free he went to his Grandparents and listen to his grandfather who was always speaking about shoes.

That piquet his interest in shoes early on, the shoe designs in all kinds of fashion magazines –hooked him for live on shoe designing and shoe techniques.

Inspired by shoe designing and the high quality for shoes, Hans traveled to many Countries and teaching others. His designing and quality process leads him to write books about shoes and teaching others who love shoes like him.


Let  People walk, Healthy, Happy and with Pleasure!



Good shoe expl

 Why are your shoes so important?

Our feet are not only essential for getting us from A to B, but foot pain and symptoms can have a major affect on our function, mobility and quality of life.

Our feet represent the foundational platform that provides the link between our body – lower limb – and the supporting surface, the ground we walk on.

It is often only once your feet hurt that you realize how important they are.

Our feet are mechanical marvels that help us to get everywhere – sadly we only get one pair, so look after them and cover them with perfect fitting shoes.



Blucher low cut shoe detail patterns


Artwork of my book website reputation

Last edited: 26/07/2014